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Enjoy shop-at-home services and the benefits they bring

A busy life schedule can change many things, including how you shop for flooring, which is why we offer accessible, shop-at-home services. Shopping from home has many advantages, including the ability to shop any time you want, day or night. Here are some facts about this service that could help you decide to remodel sooner than you thought.

How to shop from home

You may have some preconceived notions about shopping from home, but understanding the process may be an excellent way to start this process. First, you choose the product online and contact us so we can bring the showroom to your doorstep. Between those two steps, however, you still have the option to contact our flooring company directly, and discuss products, ask questions, and get advice from our specialists about your project.

When we bring samples to your home, you'll see the colors and textures alongside your existing décor and interior design. This process is a great way to choose a product because the light in your home vastly differs from the fluorescent lighting in a showroom. As a result, you'll wind up with flooring better suited to your personality and décor for floors you'll love for years.

While our specialists are in your home, they can take in-house measurements as a mobile flooring store in Geneva, IL, and tell you how much flooring you'll need, followed by an estimate for the necessary products. We can also look at any areas of concern and advise you on what to do next. When you use our shop-at-home services, you can buy confidently because we stand behind all our materials and ensure a lifespan that matters to you.



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America Loves Flooring is locally owned and operated, with a vast selection of flooring materials for your complete remodeling satisfaction. We also offer excellent low prices that allow you to spend less with shop-at-home services but still cater to all your requirements and preferences. When you share your needs with us, we’ll work to ensure you find everything necessary to meet them and serve you for many years.

Our mobile showroom is based in Geneva, IL, and from there, we cater to residents from St Charles, IL, Geneva, IL, Batavia, IL, Sosuth Elgin, IL, and West Chicago, IL. When you're ready to start your project, contact us and ask about free estimates and services. Thanks to our shop-at-home services, we aim to give you the flooring you want and need without the hassle and overwhelm.