Enjoy the benefits of hardwood flooring

When you choose hardwood flooring, you get numerous outstanding benefits like stunning visuals, impressive durability, and a lifespan that could last more than 100 years. There are also plenty of other reasons you'll want to install these materials in your home, and the more you know about what's available, the better choices you can make. So, here are some facts to give you a fantastic shopping experience no matter how large your remodel is.

The extensive benefits of hardwood floors

As you learn more about wood floors, you’ll find they offer exceptional durability choices. It all starts with the perfect solid or engineered wood flooring species type to match your current in-house traffic level, which resists most daily wear. In addition, the ideal sealant and texture protect this surface, even if you have children, pets, or both.

For visual appeal, you'll find extensive choices that can help you create a unique, one-of-a-kind surface that matches any décor scheme. Start with species, then choose the length, width, stain color, texture, and installation layout, focusing on your current décor scheme. Some homeowners add intricate borders, inlays, or mosaics, to make these floors even more personalized.

Before installation, these materials should go through the hardwood flooring acclimation process, which takes one to three days to complete. Acclimation ensures that humidity levels are equalized between the flooring and installation space to avoid expansion and contraction after the service. Once acclimation is finished, the installation can continue for wood floors that will serve you for decades.

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