Should I choose laminate or vinyl flooring?

Should I choose laminate or vinyl flooring?

If you?re searching for the perfect flooring covering for your busy home, chances are you?ve considered both laminate and vinyl flooring. And while reviewing and researching them, you?ve probably asked yourself which is right for your home.

The good news is both materials are a great option in many spaces. But we will give you a little more information because one is likely better for you than the other.

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Vinyl flooring is an entirely synthetic product that comes in sheets, planks, tiles, and extensive visual options for a perfect d?cor match every time. It has layers that provide stability and protection, including a core layer that can provide 100% protection against water damage.

Laminate flooring is sometimes confused for vinyl in that it has many of the same appearance features and formats, mostly when mimicking natural materials like stone and wood. However, the core is made of resins and wood products with a hard top wear layer to protect against daily wear.

Both materials provide impeccable beauty, ease of installation, and a quick maintenance regimen. However, in areas where dampness, humidity, spills, and leaks could occur, vinyl is always the better option because there are no wood products to swell or warp.

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